Red Mud Cemetery

Dickens County, Texas

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George H. and Susannah Lambkin Brantner arrived in Texas about 1851 and are the ascendants of the Texas Brantners. Of their nine children, only two sons had boys to perpetuate the Brantner name. John Mathious Brantner is responsible for the early-period East Texas descendants. Ambrose Lee Brantner migrated to West Texas.

The grave of George H. Brantner has never been located, but he is presumed buried in Montgomery County, Texas. Susannah Brantner is buried in the S.C.S. Ellis Cemetery in Stephens County, Texas.

John Mathious and a number of his descendants are buried in the Petteway Cemetery.

All but one of Ambrose Brantner's children are buried in the Red Mud Cemetery.

Brantner family plot
vfs078b - The Ambrose Brantner Family Plot - Facing west, probably 1960s (D-12-17)
Brose loved blooming willows and planted this one after his
young sons, Coy and Carl were buried.
(Courtesy of Vernell Fry Sheets)

Brantner Plot
cr12 - The Brantner Plot - June 1998, facing northwest (D-12-17)
John & Opal Brantner's stone added on the far (north) side.

Ambrose Lee Brantner
506_021 - A. L. (Ambrose Lee) Brantner - Apr. 5, 1863 - Oct. 30, 1958    (D-17)
"He was beloved by all who knew him."
(Son of George H. Brantner & Susannah Lambkin)

("And grandsons gathered in Red Mud's dying dusk,
to lay the patriarch to his rest.")

Lugenia EmilineSmith Brantner
506_020 - Lugenia "Wife of A. L. Brantner" "Mother"
Dec. 7, 1869 - Jan. 23, 1914   (D-16)
(Lugenia Emiline, daughter of Pleasant S. Smith & Maranda Amanda Smith)

"Life's reaper claimed the bouquet in her beauty,
In the fullness of bloom, at midseason.
The mother of eight found rest much too early,
Leaving the young man to wrest with the reason.

(Lugenia, a flower, shedding sky-petals earthward,
to grandchildren she never knew.")

Excerpt from: "And I Held His Hand As We Said Goodbye"

Coy & Carl Brantner
504_084 - Coy (Lee) Brantner - May 15, 1902 - Jan. 23, 1917   (D-15)
Carl (Homer) Brantner - Oct. 6, 1891 - Dec. 13, 1918   (D-14)
(Sons of Ambrose Brantner & Lugenia Smith. Neither son married)
"Gone To Heaven"

"Two brothers also answered His early calling,
Young men snatched from life, cruel still.
But He spared two young boys and four sisters,
To stay the course, never doubting His will."

Excerpt from: "And I Held His Hand As We Said Goodbye"

Luther Thornton Ruby Thornton
504_085, 86 - L. M. (Luther Marciellis) Thornton - June 15, 1879 - Dec. 5, 1945   (E-18)
(Son of Columbus Erastus Thornton & Mary Joyce Crawford)
Ruby May Thornton - Jan. 16, 1898 - Dec. 20, 1936   (E-17)
(Daughter of Ambrose Brantner & Lugenia Smith)

NOV 11 1927 AUG 25 2001   (E-19)
(Son of Luther Thornton & Ruby Brantner)

John & Opal Brantner
26_05 - John V. Brantner - August 24, 1906 - August 6 [26], 1977   (D-13)
(Son of Ambrose Brantner & Lugenia Smith)
Opal M. (Mae) Pierce Brantner - May 20, 1911 - March 24, 1999  (D-12)
(Daughter of William Franklin Pierce & Josephine Turnbow)
(John's obituary and death certificate show August 26, 1977)

Seven of Ambrose Brantner's eight children are buried this cemetery.
Kay Parrack Brantner is buried in the Spur Memorial Cemetery.

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